Magnetic Mattress for Better Sleep

A magnetic mattress helps your body heal naturally from infection and chronic pain while you sleep!

Defeat Joint and Back Pain Forever!

Our magnetic mattress provides the finest magnetic therapy increasing your oxygen levels and blood circulation that fight infection and relieve your back, joint and muscle pain, among other chronic issues.

Enjoy a Pain Free Life and Better Health Today

Our Magnetic mattress and PEMF therapies help rebalance your growth hormones, rebuild your immune system and cleanse your body of the harmful toxins and free radicals that cause muscle and joint infections, joint stiffening, and swelling that cause the pain.

Magnetic Therapy – Heal Your Body While You Sleep

Magnetic Therapy restores the affects of the modern lifestyle in your health

How the Modern Lifestyle is Affecting Your Health

Have you ever thought about how the environment is affecting your health every day, minute, second, of your life? Well, let us see.

Your modern lifestyle depends heavily on:

  • Computers, cell phones, microwaves, MRI and X-Ray equipment, 70” smart televisions, these electronic devices cause all kinds of harmful electromagnetic radiation that are bombarding you every day, and you may not even be aware of it.
  • Electromagnetic radiation from electrical appliances produces a voltage in your body that disrupts the trillions of electrical messages essential for the proper working of your body.
  • Work strain plus family responsibilities in your personal life may introduce stress and anxiety into your life. The stress weakens your immune system and allows disease and infection to take hold in your body.
  • You have lost contact with the mother earth. You are surrounded by skyscrapers, closed within walls and air conditioning, cement, and asphalt are all over the place. You lack contact with the ground and the magnetic energy that rebalances your body’s energy naturally.

These are only a few of the examples of how the modern lifestyle is messing up your natural body’s energy. However, don’t be discouraged, there is a natural way to solve this problem. It is a millenary treatment, magnetic therapy.

Magnetic Therapy Restores Your Health Naturally

How Magnetic Therapy Restores Your Health Naturally

Perhaps you have heard about a millenary technique named grounding or earthing, here is an interesting video that explains it, watches it here. It is about reconnecting your body back to the earth magnetic energy.

It is a scientifically proved that magnetic therapy can improve your health naturally. Magnetic therapy benefits are:

  • Increase oxygen level in your blood;
  • Improve your body’s immunity;
  • Reduce free radicals that age your body;
  • Help your body accelerate the healing process times;
  • Rebalances your hormones;
  • As it helps to strengthen your immunity, magnetic therapy helps your body reduce the time to heal infections;

These are some of the main benefits of magnetic therapy (Read More Here) for your body. However, how do you access this treatment? Nowadays, the market offers several ways to expose yourself to magnetic therapy without having to go camping every day. We have a suggestion for you…

Magnetic Therapy to restore your health

Presenting our Magnetic Therapy

You can find magnetic therapy built in many different products, such as car seat, office chair, even in athletic clothes. However, how long and how frequently will you be exposed to magnetic therapy when it is built into these devices? Thinking about the regularity of the treatment, we implemented our magnetic therapy into a mattress. I’ll explain why:

  • You spend one-third of your life laying in your bed.
  • It is during the night that your body performs the functions to restore and rebalance the body’s energy.
  • It will be a great improvement for your health, if your body has the help of magnetic therapy at the time that the processes of restarting the body functions are happening, while you sleep.
  • Magnetic therapy helps to rebalance your energy, that are regenerated and restored while you sleep.

In addition, our mattress has other unique therapies that will help you have a relaxing night of sleep such as the Vibro-massage (Read more here).

Contact us for an in-home free demonstration, then you can be introduced to our Magnetic Therapy and its benefits for your health. Phone 727-935-2375 or email

Rid Yourself of the Pain, Talk with one our Sleep Coaches!

Who doesn't love being Comforted and Spoiled, right?

Speaking of your comfort and being spoiled, Magnetic Mattress USA has included a Whole-Body Vibration Massage in our magnetic mattress. There are twenty different massage settings with ten intensities and a massage wake up alarm feature included. The whole body vibro-massage therapy delivers a relaxing massage that also helps improve your muscle and bone density. Our whole body vibro-massage equipment is installed inside the magnetic mattress, not in the foundation like most others. This is very important, by being nearer to your body, it provides a more powerful and efficient massage that yields much better results for your health.

Wake up to a massage, instead of an old fashion TICK-TOCK alarm clock...

The Magnetic Mattress USA magnetic mattress has an alarm clock option for the whole body massage therapy in the remote control. You can set the alarm on your magnetic mattress to wake up in the morning to a relaxing and re-balancing massage. We guarantee that you will feel energized and encouraged to practice your daily activities and you won’t miss the old fashion alarm clock either!

Why Choose Magnetic Therapy of  Magnetic Mattress USA

Magnetic Mattress USA, a US-based company, has for more than five years, utilized cutting-edge technologies to provide our customers the best alternative for improving their quality of life through a process that mimics the best that nature intended for our health and well being.

For our distributors, we provide never-ending support for them because we understand that our success is entirely dependent on their progress.

We invite you to learn about our Magnetic Mattress and its five therapies and be a part of our family. 

We welcome you to visit our showroom so you can experience our therapeutic magnetic mattress located at 5140 Main Street, Suite 8 New Port Richey, Florida 34652.  We also have a team of Professional Magnetic Mattress Sleep Coaches, that can provide you with a convenient, in-home demonstration when you book a consultation with us.

Discover how you can improve your sleep quality by contacting us today to book a free, no-obligation consultation with our Magnetic Mattress Consultant so you can experience everything our magnetic mattress offers!

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See what our customers are saying about  Magnetic Therapy

I love My New Orthopedic Mattress

” I have had it only for three weeks and loved it. This therapeutic mattress has helped me with my back pain, and I can use high heel again. My husband loves to wake up with the massage, and we feel very well rested!”


This Mattress is the Real Deal

Purchased the Magnetic Mattress  and it is not only super comfortable and therapeutic but has also helped correct my posture


Great deal for the best mattress!

“OMG, this is the best bed that you can on the USA market. If anyone needs a new bed, let me know, I will hook you up with my friend and get you a great deal on the Naturific Sleep Magnetic Mattress.”


I recommend this magnetic mattress

“Owning a horse farm is hard. Physical work, long hot days in the sun, lifting massive supplies, and feeding and caring for the horses produces many body aches and pains. Before, I would suffer from these aches and pains, but since I purchased the Naturific Sleep magnetic mattress, my pains are gone. The massage is relaxing, and the PEMF therapy recharges my body allowing me to recover quickly. I recommend this magnetic mattress to everyone, especially people with chronic pain.”

Julie K

The mattress’ therapies work

I could not believe how well I slept after my body realigns with my new magnetic mattress. Also, the massage helps me fall asleep since I suffer from insomnia and I have a hard time to sleep. I wake up refreshed, and without all the stiffness and aching I usually experience in the morning.

Joey S

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