Why our Magnetic Therapy is the Best to Help You Fight Back Pain

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Mattress USA offers magnetic therapy that improves your oxygen levels and blood circulation.                Magnetic energy aids in battling infections, accelerating healing of areas with damaged tissue, reducing back pain, joint pain, arthritis, leg swelling, and other chronic afflictions.

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Far Infrared Therapy

Far infrared energy vibrates the water molecules in our body pushing out toxins and free-radicals in our body. This process Improves the blood circulation and the metabolic functions and cleanses the body of harmful toxins.

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Vibro Massage Therapy

The whole-body vibration massage therapy is a feature built-in our magnetic mattress. It provides you with a relaxing massage, helping you after a stresses work day. Also, the vibration massage helps re-build muscles and bone density.

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PEMF Therapy

PEMF or quantum energy therapy helps the body to restore the energy lost with the aging process of our bodies. Besides, the quantum energy helps the body rebalance hormones, helping improve the growth hormones and strengthen the body to eliminate the stress hormones.               Click here to know more.


Chromotherapy is not the color that you see; it is the energy frequency that your body receives. Magnetic Therapy is the first magnetic mattress with chromotherapy; an ancient technique uses to heal people through the rebalancing of the body energy.      Click here to know more.

Orthopedic Mattress

For people experiencing pain all over their body, an orthopedic magnetic therapy  is a gift from the gods. As you get older, you would realize that your body is screaming for special attention, and the things that you usually take for granted, such as sleep and overall health, suddenly become priorities

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Magnetic Mattress USA has the First Magnetic Therapy Created and Design for Your Health!

Watch this video with a brief explanation of the Magnetic Mattress USA and how it can help to heal your body, improving blood circulation, oxygenation, and rebalance the growth hormones. Due to this, our magnetic mattress helps the body improve back, joint, and muscles pains and helps restore injuries tissues and cells.

It is not the intending to perform any diagnoses. It is only generic technical information. If you have back pain you should consult your Doctor.

What is in Magnetic Therapy of Magnetic Mattress USA

Magnetic Therapy Layers


1 Luxurious fabric, same that is used for Cruise ship bedding.
2 Antiflammability protection, according to the America Law.
3 Far-Infrared and Magnetic tablets.
4 Rabatan: A special foam with anti-mite, anti-allergenic, anti-bed bugs, anti-fungus, and high breathing capacity.
5 Density Foam: From density D20 on the top of the mattress to the D45 to support the structure of the mattress, avoiding deformity with use.
6 A set of 8 motors of vibro-massage that provide 20 different massages with 10 intensity levels.
7 Equipment of PEMF therapy that provides 12 levels of quantum energy frequency.
8 Remote control to control all of the therapies, including Chromotherapy. In addition, an alarm setting for the mattress to wake you up with a massage.


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