Naturific Sleep Magnetic Mattress team work for your health in Tampa Bay Area

Magnetic Mattress USA is in Tampa Bay FL

Magnetic Mattress USA is located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida to provide you with the highest quality magnetic mattresses on the market, we offer:

  • An orthopedic mattress that helps align your back and posture;
  • Magnetic therapy that improves your blood circulation and fights joint and back pain:
  • Far-infrared therapy that helps to detoxify your body, fighting infection and free-radicals, improve your blood circulation and relieve chronic pain;
  • Quantum (PEMF) therapy that helps to increase your cells’ energy, rebalance hormones, and rebuild and strengthen your immune system,
  • Whole body vibration massage that helps build your muscle and bone density, accelerating your body’s recovery from injuries, intensifying physical exercise results, and helps fight anxiety;
  • Chromotherapy that helps rebalance the body’s ideal energy frequency restoring it to a healthy level while helping the body to fight disease and promote self-healing.

Meet the Magnetic Mattress USA Tampa Bay Area Representative for an in-home Magnetic Mattress Demonstration.

Naturific Sleep Magnetic Mattress is available in Tampa Bay Area

Tampa Bay Area Sleep Coach Representative

Naturific Sleep Magnetic Mattress Representative at Tampa Bay Area

Paul Belshaw


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