How Magnetic Therapy Helps Relieve Joint and Back Pain

Since ancient times, magnetic therapy has been used for its capacity to help the body rebuild its immunity and strengthen its capacity for self-healing. Nowadays, new research has found that magnetic therapy helps in injury treatments, reducing swelling, infection, and the inflammatory process.
The magnetic therapy helps in the treatment of injuries, such as joint and back pain, aided by increasing the blood circulation on the treated areas. The increase of the oxygen and the blood flow in the injured regions causes the proliferation of the tissues, increasing their capacity for regeneration.
It is not intended to perform any diagnoses. It is only generic technical information. If you have pain, you should consult your Doctor.

Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

How Magnetic Therapy Can Improve Your Health

Magnetic therapy improves your body’s energy to produce its chemistry; it is the reason that the body functions are enhanced:

  • Increase oxygen level in your blood;
  • Improve your body’s immunity;
  • Reduce free radicals in your body;
  • Help your body accelerate healing process times;
  • Improve your hormone balancing activities;
  • As it helps to strengthen your immunity, magnetic therapy helps your body reduce the time to heal infections;
  • Enhance your body’s performance during sleep.

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The Influence of the Magnetic Therapy on the Blood Circulation

Magnetic therapy organizes the molecules in the blood flow. This process makes the blood less viscous and increases circulation. The magnetic therapy in the mattress helps improve your body’s blood circulation and oxygenation, fighting toxins and free-radicals, and aiding your body to heal damaged tissues.

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