Why Whole Body Vibro-Massage Helps with Muscles Injury Treatment

The whole-body vibration was created in the late seventies, by the Russians, to treat the cosmonauts’ bone and muscle loss, after the cosmonauts’ space mission. The treatment was a success, and later, the whole body vibro-massage started to be used to aid athletics to improve their muscle injury treatment.

When we apply the vibration on our body our neuromuscular tissues have an automatic reaction of contraction and relaxing in cycles; it is an involuntary workout that helps to build up bone and muscle tissues. Also, according to researches, using the treatment regularly, the whole body vibro-massage helps on the osteoporosis treatment, improve the balance, and helps on the treatment of muscles injury and tension.

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It is not the intending to perform any diagnoses. It is only generic technical information. If you have back pain, you should consult your Doctor.

Benefits of Whole Body Vibro-Massage Therapy

How Whole Body Vibro-Massage Take Care of Muscles Injury and Tension

The external mechanical vibration stimulation, applied on the body, causes an involuntary feedback movement reaction from our tissues, helping:

  • Activate the lymphatic system, avoiding the formation of fat cells accumulated in our body. In some cases, it helps to reduce the existing fat cells.
  • Reduce anxiety and agitation after a stressed day, relaxing in our Magnetic Mattress using its Whole Body Vibro-Massage. Also, it is ideal for people that practice repetitive movement during their day, because the vibro-massage aids to relax and strengthen muscles, relaxing the muscles, and helping on the treatment of muscle injury.
  • Improve blood circulation and improve metabolism. It helps to reduce muscle injury and tension, reducing stress, and enhance the quality of life.
  • Reduce exercise injury when used before and after physical exercises.

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The Influence of the Whole Body Vibro-Massage on the Muscle Injury Treatment

After an injury, it is critical for the patient to return to exercise to recover faster from the injury. However, most of the cases the patient few weak, pain, and do not have the self-confidence to return to the regular practice. By using the whole body vibro-massage, the treatment helps to strengthen muscles, reduce pain, improve the blood circulation, that helps to enhance the proliferation of healthy tissues. This process accelerates the recovery time, avoiding the weakness of the muscles.

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